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8 ambaTerrorists Kumkumised in Bai Kuke 25 Jan 2021

SWEET KUMKUM NEWS 8 Ambazonia Terrorists kumkumised without pre-conditions in Bai-Kuke, Mbonge SubDivision, SW region of #Cameroon. No one is begging them to drop the dane guns and go to the DDR center. Drop the guns, or we kumkumise you. This is our dialogue without pre-conditions.

Nyamfukah. Action takes place on the ground. No shaking, no blinking, we keep distributing HOT kumkum, until ALL amba terrorists are deradicalised or kumkumised. We are not in a rush. Slowly, we will serve kumkum to all of them. Those who are asking for dialogue should go and dialogue with the shit-no-wipe-lass. #MKPD. These are the SNWL that angloFools love to call “unknown gunmen” or “Innocent Civilians”. Pictures are gruesome for Facebook, so we have shared these photo evidence of the dead #SNWL on whatsApp and posted on

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KumKum Massa

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