Seseku dissolves the IG – But IG says NO – This is PURE Comedy

#MKPD – The #Ambazonia #ComedyRevolution keeps on giving us enough entertainment.. So, on 02 May 2019, Seseku wrote a letter, dissolving the “Internet Government” (IG), and put himself back as the President (even though he is in prison in Yaounde). LoL.. Watch below.. 

As if that was not funny enough, the next day, 03 May 2019, Sako Ikome (The “Acting Internet President” AIP on the IG) sent his communications guy (Chris Anu) to say NO, they have refused to be dissolved. LoLLLLL

And PizzaBoy (Tapang the LIAR) Tanku has a response.. “Small condom”.. Please.. Wuna Listen.. And do not laugh alone.. Make sure you SHARE SHARE SHARE and leave your comment on Social Media – Not on my WhatsApp oh..

Seseku's letter dissolving the IG - Page 1
Seseku’s letter dissolving the IG – Page 1
Seseku's letter dissolving the IG - Page 1
Seseku’s letter dissolving the IG – Page 1

Anyways.. This Comedy is brought to you by Ambazonians, I am only the messenger. I am begging, leave your comments but on Social media..


Fake Pastors - Must go back to theor Sunday jobs, Leave Revolution alone
Fake Pastors – Must go back to theor Sunday jobs, Leave Revolution alone
Nambere - I have a proposal for you
Nambere – I have a proposal for you

The “Amba General” Nambere should contact MKPD> I have a Proposal for him..

How to Contact MKPD
How to Contact MKPD

PS: The whole show has been so embarrassing for Ambazonians that they are afraid to talk about it. Their Loud Mouths, like Bareta and “Garri Master” Eric Tataw, even the Village clowns have been totally MUTE about this one. LoL – They are ashamed to say ANYTHING about this COMEDY.

MKPD WhatsApp +44 749 5198 739

#MKPD – Below.. Wuna see me badluck oh – Listen to this.. AmbaFools contacting me.. Disturbing my peace.

#OperationSunshine on Amba (ADF) Terrorist gang in Alabukam Bamenda

#MKPD> These Amba boys are operating around Alabukam – Mbatu – In Bamenda. They are under the “Ambazonia Defence force” (ADF), which is a Terrorist gang controlled by Ayaba Cho from Norway.


Tapang Ivo is the so called spokesperson for the ADF. He is in America, entered the USA on a scholarship, but has since turned to be the talking head for Amba terrorism in order to facilitate his quest for status in America as an Asylum seeker.. Tapang now calls himself “stateless” – he’s just an idiot terrorist, and we all know that. Nyam!

Ayaba Cho selling Oil again.
Ayaba Cho selling Oil again.

Tapang Ivo is currently on the run in america, running from court summons to appear for a lawsuit by Barrister Nsahlai. Sooner or later, the law will catch up with the fool. 

Tapang Ivo in Trouble
Tapang Ivo in Trouble

On the ground in Alabukam (Bamenda), the ADF gang’s leader is called “Boss Agaba”, a Nigerian man shown below..

Amba Terrorist commander aka Boss Agaba - ADF - Alabukam
Amba Terrorist commander aka Boss Agaba – ADF – Alabukam
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Anyways, below are some of the pictures of the criminal Gang.

Alabukam ID Card - Amba Terrorists have ID cards now - Shinarambo
Alabukam ID Card – Amba Terrorists have ID cards now – Shinarambo


The numbers on this stupid ADF “ID” card are 665482951 and 666982578. These two numbers MUST be deactivated with immediate effect, and we must find out WHO the owner of these numbers are.  

Amba Terrorists ADF - Alabukam 24
Amba Terrorists ADF – Alabukam  – Look at the walking corpses
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Amba Terrorists ADF - Alabukam 1
Amba Terrorists ADF – Alabukam 1
Amba Terrorists ADF - Alabukam 2
Amba Terrorists ADF – Alabukam – This is the definition of an iDIOOOOOOOOOOT!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Amba Terrorists ADF - Alabukam 23
Amba Terrorists ADF – Alabukam 23
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First, the fools pose for the camera, with all their Odeshi - And then before you know it.. they are DEAD!
First, the fools pose for the camera, with all their Odeshi – And then before you know it.. they are DEAD!
Amba Terrorists ADF - Alabukam 26
Amba Terrorists ADF – Alabukam 26
Amba Terrorists ADF - Alabukam 25
Amba Terrorists ADF – Alabukam 25
Amba Terrorists - They habe no modern weapons or ammunition - 2
Amba Terrorists – They have no modern weapons or ammunition – 2
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The immages of ammunition bought from Nigeria.. When they kidnap people for ransom, they send the money abroad, and some of the ransom money is used to buy these things from Nigeria.. Now you know where your ransom money goes. The whole of that Gang hasnt got ONE AK 47. Wuna shine wuna eyes. Fools!

Alabukam ID Card - Amba Terrorists have ID cards now - Amoka
Alabukam ID Card – Amba Terrorists have ID cards now – Amoka
ComedyRevolution - Building Permits? LoL
ComedyRevolution – Building Permits? LoL

When Ambafools Lie, we have a duty to reveal THE TRUTH

MKPD>.. We need to let these “Ambazonians” know that we’re not stupid.. We know when they tell LIES.

This is the nonsense they sent out there - Execting you to believe that is their true addresses
This is the nonsense they sent out there – Execting you to believe that is their true addresses

And when they LIE, we’ll come after them with the truth. #OperationSunshine.. Just look at some of these fools and the lies they are spreading..

You call yourselves “Presidents”.. And “Leaders”.. But you are just THIEVES. When Amba stop the lies, then sunshine will stop..

They released this nonsense. All lies

#MKPD.. Look at what these amba thieves in the diaspora are pushing out there. They can’t write one sentence without lying in it. Thieves!

Below is the truthful info they’re trying to hide from you..

Ebenezer Derek Akwanga
Address: 11103 Birch Way, Clinton, MD 20735

Elvis N Kometa
Adress: 14400 W Side Blvd 206
Laurel, Maryland 20707

Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert
Address: 1903 Grey Castle Way
Silver Spring, MD 20903 USA



This frustrated PizzaBoy is on the run in America. Running from the Court in California
This frustrated PizzaBoy is on the run in America. Running from the Court in California

Frustrated AmbaFool, Tapang Ivo (PizzaBoy) is on the run in America, running from lawsuits. 

An Interview with Amba Boy – Please Watch and Listen – Very interesting

MKPD> Watch and listen this 3 part Interview with an AmbaBoy – He surrendered to the Cameroon Military, and he is now working with the Military to locate the Amba Camps. 

This Amba Fighter has had enough. He explains that when he was forced to join Amba, he didnt know what he was getting himself into.. He was cook in one of the Camps. It is a really Sad story. These are the kind of VULNERABLE young men that are manipulated to carry guns and destroy their own communities.

The people in the diaspora like Mark Bareta, Tapang PizzaBoy Ivo, and Eric “Garri Master” Tataw, Akwanga, Ayaba Cho, Chris Anu, etc, are responsible for brainwashing these kind of poorly educated youths to carry guns and kill their own neighbours.

Where were these nonentities before 2017 Amba madness started? Where did these names come from? These professional theives saw an opportunity, and they took it. The opportunity to radicalise gullible and poorly educated youths and send them to their death.

Thankfully, this madness is coming to an end. I have personally spoken with several Amba boys and helped them to drop their guns and save their lives. Many Amba boys have escaped into Nigeria; some have gone as far as South Africa and Togo. They have realised that they were manipulated and deceived by charlatans and criminals in the diaspora, who are using their blood to make money and pay their mortgages in the USA, etc.. 

The moral of this story is that.. FINALLY, the Amba boys are beginning to learn sense, because they are seeing the reality for themselves, and they can now see their own mistakes, and that there is no independence coming, and that they were LIED to, by criminals who live happy abroad.

The persistence of activists (like MKPD and Franklin Njume) to sensitise the general public is working. Kawa Yannick in SW has also dropped his guns, and moved in with the Cameroon military, and now he is leading the military in attacks against the Amba Boys. Kawa Yannick was an Amba “Commander” just last week. 

Sooner or Later, the madness will END! And I have every confidence that come September 2019, children will be able to return to school again. 


BREAKING SWEET NEWS – Tapang PizzaBoy’s Facebook Account has been DELETED by Facebook


This is Breaking Sweet news.. If you go to facebook and search for the profile that belongs to Tapang Ivo live videos, it is DELETED. Why? Because.. NSAHLAI!

I told you from New Year’s day, that Nsahlai was the hero of the year.. I KNEW it.. The complaint that Barrister Nsahlai made to Facebook was taken seriously, and his profile was investigated, and the WHOLE thing brought down by Facebook, and as usual, MKPD comes with EVIDENCE..

So how does it work? Barrister Nsahlai is ofcourse, a REGISTERED member of the California BAR, so he has DIRECT access to the TOP people at Facebook. Barrister Nsahlai sent them a DIRECT and URGENT email, asking them to look at Tapang PizzaBoy’s facebook, which was providing Material Support to Terrorists.

I know PizzaBoy Tapang is reading this. iDiooot!

Tapang Ivo Facebook Account Deleted
Tapang Ivo Facebook Account Deleted – As Usual, MKPD> comes with EVIDENCE

In less than two days, The complaint was ACTIONED. The Facebook team sent their lawyers (Counsel) to review Tapang’s Facebook, and concluded that Tapang was indeed using his Facebook account for TERRORISM.

So WITHOUT WARNING, Tapang’s Facebook Account was DELETED!


Facebook sent this email to confirm that PizzaBoy’s Facebook account was disabled.

Tapang is still running from barrister Nsahlai’s lawsuit, and also running his mouth, LoL.. Now there is ONE LESS place for this frustrated THIEF to go to run his mouth. Nyam!

The fool STOLE Money from Lebialem – And even Eric “Gari Master” Tataw is taking PizzaBoy to court. How AWESOME!

Amba Madness as Usual – Kumbo – They burnt supplies for IDPs

MKPD>  Click on the video below to watch – That’s all..

Eric Tataw vs Tapang – Episode 1 – Pizza Boy

MKPD> This is Eric Tataw – He was on Facebook live on Friday 22 Mar 2019 – He had to dish out some dirt on Tapang Ivo, because aparently, Tapang was making him too angry.. The drama is very entertaining.. wuna listen.. 

So.. These are the same FOOLS that want to be “leaders” of “Ambazonia” Tomorrow.. Nonentitles, idiots, and juvenile numbskulls. 

Eric Tataw previewed this outing two days earlier
Eric Tataw previewed this outing two days earlier
Eric Tataw wrote... 
Ayaba Is Now A Complete Clown!!!

You can be a member of the A Gang of Criminals (AGC), but trust me, these guys are Fake. What's the meaning of doing a video at the Airport??? This is so pathetic!!!

Ayaba can be good but he's too egocentric added to the fact that he's wrapped by very dull and bad guys. My name is Eric Tataw, I would flatten them.

Ask them which diplomats would take you seriously if they see you posting a picture in an airport while traveling to meet them???

25years in the struggle like Biya's 36 years with a despoiled Cameroon of destitution, prostitution and spokesmen who worked illegally at Papa John's Pizza at 2668 Monterey Rd, San Jose, CA 9511.

Take the date on Friday March 22 at exactly 5PM Amba Time for a Special Facebook Live. I would deal with these ADF Thieves; enablers of kidnapping...

The truth is that Ayaba can be good but because of ego and bad guys, he's bad and so, he isn't needed and that's why God brought me in!!! 

Eric Tataw, Wednesday March 20, 2019.
Eric Tataw recorded yannick Sikod - Comitted a crime
Eric Tataw recorded Yannick Sicot – Comitting a crime – See below..

So Yannick Sicot took to Facebook to send a response to Eric Tataw – LoooL

My response to Eric for recording my voice without my permission.

Just for the records. I wasn't in any LIVE show with ERIC today. What you should know is that, Eric recorded our private conversation without my knowledge or my permission and played it during his live show which was highly watched. What Eric did to my personality by putting up a conversation b/w him (Eric) and I (Yannick) was illegal and punishable by US state Law. If sued, Eric could face up to (6 months imprisonment).

I was ignorance of his intentions except for the fact that he sent photos and video of Tapang in a said pizza restaurant located in XXX city. After I told Eric that i was going to forward the video and photos he sent to me to Tapang for verifications, Eric immediately deleted the photos and video from our WhatsApp chat.

From the audio he played during his show, some people thought he was having a live call with Yannick during his show, whereas, it was a recorded conversation he played, and he did so (recorded our conversation) without my knowledge/permission.

You all could hear from the audio as I, Yannick, clearly asked Eric not to worry about Tapang or post anything that has to do with Tapang bcs Tapang is still our brother, that he (Eric) should focused on our revolution and I will talk with Tapang.

No idea that I was being recorded on another line. Well, for those who listened to the audio, was I speaking for Tapang or Against Tapang?, all what I did was to save our revolution. Eric is a good guy, don't get me wrong! But I don't think what he did was right.

Eric! Except to hear from my Attorney anytym soon. Since we all have decided to go this route. I don't play around like others when it comes to my legal rights in this country. 

Dear comrades, stay focused! This our revolution is bigger than any activist or leader. I have been in a very deplorable position ever since we started having all these in house fighting b/w activities vs activities or leaders vs leaders. I'm only concerned about those on GZ.

Yannick Sicot the Amba Terrorist living in California
Yannick Sicot the terrorist living in California
Yannick Sicot to eric Tataw
Yannick Sicot to eric Tataw

Stay tuned – The drama is plenty LoL. 

Tapang PizzaBoy Liar Tanku
Tapang PizzaBoy Liar Tanku
MKPD is everywhere - Please check online before coming to WhatsApp
MKPD is everywhere – Please check online before coming to WhatsApp
MKPD is taking a short Break
MKPD is taking a short Break – Starting tomorrow 24 Mar 2019
Amba vs LRC is experiencing some small Problems
Amba vs LRC is experiencing some small Problems

Barrister Nsahlai tables a motion for Order entering DEFAULT in the case against Tapang Ivo


As you are well aware, Tapang Ivo was taken to court by Barrister Nsahlai on 26 Dec 2018, and since then, a summons was isseued, but it could not be served to Tapang Ivo because he is in HIDING from the Authorities..

download the file 2019-03-14 CACD_Mtn_Default_Tapang

The court has set a court date
The court has set a court date

So now, Barrister Nsahlai is requesting that the court should either file the service to Tapang by Publication, or go straight in and enter a default, which means Barrister Nsahlai wins the case automatially, since Tapang Ivo is hiding from the summons. 

The court has set a court date 2
The court has set a court date 2


BREAKING SUGAR NEWS> A Lawsuit has been filed against Chris Anu

MKPD> Sugar News.. Diabetes Alert.. Take your insulin.. Because Barrister Nsahlai has officially taken Ambazonia BIG Mouth Chris Anu to court The Case has been filed, Case Numnber 2:19-cv-00995  on the Fri 08 Feb 2019 – Central District Court in California.

The plaintiffs, Jane Doe and all others similarly situated have brought this lawsuit, against Christopher Anu Fobeneh the Defendant.

Download the full Court case here >> [2019-02-08] Complaint – Fobeneh with Exhibits _CACD(2)

The case is a Complaint for Damages, Injunction and declaratory relief – Which means this is a CIVIL lawsuit… Just like the one against Tapang Ivo.

There are 8 charges in this lawsuit, seeking damages and declaratory reliefs for

  1. Personal injury
  2. Same as 1
  3. For RICO (Racketeering influenced Corrupt organisations)
  4. RICO Conspiracy.
  5. Aiding and abetting acts of international terrorism
  6. Conspiring in furtherance of acts of international terrorism
  7. Provision of material support to terrorists
  8. Negligent infliction of emotional distress,

Demand jury trial.


Plaintiffs, on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated, who have suffered the loss of family friends, relatives, employees, agents, co-workers, laborers, and resulting from that, suffered severe emotional distress, harassment, anxiety, suffering, sleepless nights and other assorted grief and anguish due to the conduct, actions, participation, and material support of defendant CHRISTOPHER ANUFOBENEH (“FOBENEH”) to his agents, joint venture partners, forces, organizations who are armed separatist groups, culminating in the death of several employees,laborers, and agents of plaintiff, and total loss of economic interests of plaintiff Jane Doe.

Defendant FOBENEH, a terrorist, scammer, and opportunist, sensed in late 2016 a way of scamming millions of Cameroonians from their hard earned money by taking advantage of a lawyers civil protest in Cameroon, to declare a secessionist “government” he leads. He has, on information and belief, already raised several million dollars through his website, and used the funds, not only to fund his lavish lifestyle for him and his accomplices, and payment of tuition for their kids and related family members, but critically for this complaint – and in a bid to seek legitimacy among secessionist Cameroonians – materially supported violent crimes of killings, kidnappings, murder, violation of students education rights, terrorism, destruction of property and infrastructure, money laundering, to justify his status as a Cabinet member of the State he formed with his accomplices called “Ambazonia”.

My Analysis

So As I have said before, the case is a civil lawsuit, very similar to the one against Tapang Ivo, meaning that Chris Anu will not go to prison if he loses..

So in about 2 months the court will give him summons.. He can decide to ignore the summons – If he ignores the summons, then he loses the case by default. Once he gets the summons, and if he pleads not guilty, then he will get his lawyer, and they will go through discovery period, and then select a jury and then go to trial.

This is a long process that will take over 1 years before we see an end to this court case..

And do not forget Tapang Ivo’s lawsuit is still here – (Remember Tapang is a student, has no income) and Chris anus the fake pastor uses the struggle to put food on his table…) So where are they going to get money to pay for lawyer fees? The answer is simple.. They will either BEG BORROW, or STEAL, In this case I think they will Beg, using GoFundMe..

And they are deeply divided amongst themselves, So who will support who in all these multiple lawsuits? Man no run. Wuna go finish wuna fufu..

Like Tapang the Liar once acused us of Legal Terrorism. Well, I love the sound of that. LoL. We are terrorising the terrorists .

Anyways.. so This lawsuit seeks to get Chris Anu to PAY money for damages they have caused by inciting violence in Cameroon. If he is found guilty, and he doesn’t have the money to pay, he will be forced to declare Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, and the US government will reposes all his belongings and use the money to pay the damages.

And also if Chris Anu loses this lawsuit, it will put an injunction on him, and he will NEVER say another word about Ambazonia again.. If he does, and continues to incite violence, THEN that becomes a CRIMINAL offence, and he will go to prison.

MKPD you have to understand this point.. that the injunction, is not Just for Chris Anu, but his organisations that he represents, so ABC Show he does online, will be STOPPED, SCBC will be stopped, And the Injunction will also be put on The whole of the IG.

Amba IG sinking ship
Amba IG sinking ship

And I will explain more on my next presentation, on the IG, where I will explain how they are a NGO, a SCAM, and a sinking ship. Stay tuned..

Barrister Nsahlai – Press release 04 Feb 2019

MKPD> Barrister Nsahlai has released a Press Release on the lawsuit against Tapang Ivo in California.. Every victim of Amba violence can join this lawsuit.. Please read or listen to my commentary below.. 

Download the full press release here.. >>  Press Release Cameroon Victims Caused by Ambazonia Leaders

February 4, 2018. Los Angeles.

The Honorable United States Magistrate Judge in the Northern District of California, in the case of Jane Doe and John Doe v. Ivo Tanku Tapang, Case No.: 5:18-cv-07721-NC, has granted plaintiffs motions to proceed under “pseudonyms” because the plaintiffs noted there is a great risk of retaliatory physical harm against them by Mr. Tapang who plaintiffs accuse of being a terrorist. For the entirety of this lawsuit and in perpetuity, defendant Tapang will not know who the real names of the plaintiffs or his accusers are. He will never be allowed to obtain this information.

Accordingly, the victims of Tapang’s terrorism, as well as other victims of terrorist or criminal actions, which have been committed under the instructions or guidance or “material support” of so-called Ambazonia leaders such as: Chris Anu, Akwanga Ebenezer, Eric Tataw, Cho Ayaba, Mark Bareta, Boh Hebert, Ajong Divine, Sako Ikome, Nso Foncha, Capo Daniel, John Akuroh, and so on, are advised to contact the attorneys for the Victims Association ( at NSAHLAI LAW FIRM in all confidentially to discuss their case: the losses they have sustained, whether of life, limb, or property, or that any family member has sustained, due to the material support of violence and terrorism by those named above or others.

They may be added as plaintiffs, under pseudonyms, and no one will ever be allowed to know their reals names except the attorneys. Their identities will be protected and they will be shielded
from any verbal or physical harm.

Should we victims prevail in this lawsuit and others to be filed, as victims of terrorist acts by Ambazonia leaders, we have secured commitments of monetary disbursements from a victims fund to be distributed to all victims named in the lawsuits. 

For further information about joining the lawsuit in all confidentiality, please contact Nsahlai Law Firm at; or
Please contact us at or whatsapp at +1 747-243-2613 for further information.
Barrister Nsahlai Emmanuel
Barrister Nsahlai Emmanuel