Envol Cameroun – Live with MKPD 08 Apr 19

MKPD> yesterday Sunday 08 Apr 2019, I was minding my business, and someone sent me a link to this Facebook live broadcast..

It was interesting.. So I decided to stay share my own opinions on issues. The host accepted, and boom..we had 50 minutes live on Facebook.. Wuna listen..

Click on the link about to watch the YouTube video..

BREAKING SWEET NEWS – Tapang PizzaBoy’s Facebook Account has been DELETED by Facebook


This is Breaking Sweet news.. If you go to facebook and search for the profile that belongs to Tapang Ivo live videos, it is DELETED. Why? Because.. NSAHLAI!

I told you from New Year’s day, that Nsahlai was the hero of the year.. I KNEW it.. The complaint that Barrister Nsahlai made to Facebook was taken seriously, and his profile was investigated, and the WHOLE thing brought down by Facebook, and as usual, MKPD comes with EVIDENCE..

So how does it work? Barrister Nsahlai is ofcourse, a REGISTERED member of the California BAR, so he has DIRECT access to the TOP people at Facebook. Barrister Nsahlai sent them a DIRECT and URGENT email, asking them to look at Tapang PizzaBoy’s facebook, which was providing Material Support to Terrorists.

I know PizzaBoy Tapang is reading this. iDiooot!

Tapang Ivo Facebook Account Deleted
Tapang Ivo Facebook Account Deleted – As Usual, MKPD> comes with EVIDENCE

In less than two days, The complaint was ACTIONED. The Facebook team sent their lawyers (Counsel) to review Tapang’s Facebook, and concluded that Tapang was indeed using his Facebook account for TERRORISM.

So WITHOUT WARNING, Tapang’s Facebook Account was DELETED!


Facebook sent this email to confirm that PizzaBoy’s Facebook account was disabled.

Tapang is still running from barrister Nsahlai’s lawsuit, and also running his mouth, LoL.. Now there is ONE LESS place for this frustrated THIEF to go to run his mouth. Nyam!

The fool STOLE Money from Lebialem – And even Eric “Gari Master” Tataw is taking PizzaBoy to court. How AWESOME!

Amba Tebah in Facebook Prison AGAIN

Ma Kontri Pipo dem.. Wanndass..

Facebook na wah. See why I created my own website? Facebook put me in prison for 7 days because I said.. AmbaBoys in NW beheaded someone on video in Bamenda yesterday, and I comment that..

“That’s murder.. That’s a crime against humanity. That’s terrorism. Amba boys are terrorists” 🤔

..and some amba supporters reported it LoL.. So they dont like being called Terrorists eh? Please.. Look at the comment and tell me how it violates any community rules. 😂

facebook Prison for 7 days
facebook Prison for 7 days

I have made an appeal, and they will get back to me. The worst case scenario is that I will be back on Jan 5th at 11 AM Cameroon 🇨🇲 time.

In the meantime, I can still post on the page Amba vs LRC.. And obviously on my own website blog www.kontripipo.com.


Amba Tebah is in Facebook Prison 😢

Breaking News – Amba Tebah Sentenced to Facebook Prison for 3 days.. 😡

  • Can’t Post, ✉
  • Can’t Message 🖋
  • Can’t Comment on Facebook 🤔

Why? Because I posted the gruesome, horrific, gory images from Batibo. The war Crimes committed by Ayaba Cho and ALL of Ambazonia instigators around the world.

I posted these images and Videos BECAUSE I want the WORLD to see what is going on in Cameroon. BUT Facebook instead put me in prison for 3 days..