Seseku dissolves the IG – But IG says NO – This is PURE Comedy

#MKPD – The #Ambazonia #ComedyRevolution keeps on giving us enough entertainment.. So, on 02 May 2019, Seseku wrote a letter, dissolving the “Internet Government” (IG), and put himself back as the President (even though he is in prison in Yaounde). LoL.. Watch below.. 

As if that was not funny enough, the next day, 03 May 2019, Sako Ikome (The “Acting Internet President” AIP on the IG) sent his communications guy (Chris Anu) to say NO, they have refused to be dissolved. LoLLLLL

And PizzaBoy (Tapang the LIAR) Tanku has a response.. “Small condom”.. Please.. Wuna Listen.. And do not laugh alone.. Make sure you SHARE SHARE SHARE and leave your comment on Social Media – Not on my WhatsApp oh..

Seseku's letter dissolving the IG - Page 1
Seseku’s letter dissolving the IG – Page 1
Seseku's letter dissolving the IG - Page 1
Seseku’s letter dissolving the IG – Page 1

Anyways.. This Comedy is brought to you by Ambazonians, I am only the messenger. I am begging, leave your comments but on Social media..


Fake Pastors - Must go back to theor Sunday jobs, Leave Revolution alone
Fake Pastors – Must go back to theor Sunday jobs, Leave Revolution alone
Nambere - I have a proposal for you
Nambere – I have a proposal for you

The “Amba General” Nambere should contact MKPD> I have a Proposal for him..

How to Contact MKPD
How to Contact MKPD

PS: The whole show has been so embarrassing for Ambazonians that they are afraid to talk about it. Their Loud Mouths, like Bareta and “Garri Master” Eric Tataw, even the Village clowns have been totally MUTE about this one. LoL – They are ashamed to say ANYTHING about this COMEDY.

MKPD WhatsApp +44 749 5198 739

#MKPD – Below.. Wuna see me badluck oh – Listen to this.. AmbaFools contacting me.. Disturbing my peace.

From Ikiliwindi – Kumba – Very disturbing photos and video of Amba boys killed and left to rot like animals

MKPD> The truth – shall set us free. These photos and short video below is VERY VERY VERY disturbing to watch.

This is the REALITY of the MADNESS that these fools in the diaspora have caused in Cameroon. They buy guns and send to Cameroon – And this happens.

They are SAFE! In the diaspora – BUT causing untold MAYHEM and Suffering to the people on the ground in Cameroon. 

Yes, Cameroon Gov is not the best – Infact, it is one of the most incompetent gov in the world, and yes it is corrupt. BUT there has NEVER been an incident like this in Cameroon. Ambazonia madness has caused all these killings and meaningless loss of life.

Amba Boys killed and left to ROT like wild animals.
Amba Boys killed and left to ROT like wild animals.

And… at the end of the day.. There will be no independence.. I am appalled. I am sick to my stomach. This is total nonsense.. WHEN will we realise this??????? Are we really that STUPID?

An Interview with Amba Boy – Please Watch and Listen – Very interesting

MKPD> Watch and listen this 3 part Interview with an AmbaBoy – He surrendered to the Cameroon Military, and he is now working with the Military to locate the Amba Camps. 

This Amba Fighter has had enough. He explains that when he was forced to join Amba, he didnt know what he was getting himself into.. He was cook in one of the Camps. It is a really Sad story. These are the kind of VULNERABLE young men that are manipulated to carry guns and destroy their own communities.

The people in the diaspora like Mark Bareta, Tapang PizzaBoy Ivo, and Eric “Garri Master” Tataw, Akwanga, Ayaba Cho, Chris Anu, etc, are responsible for brainwashing these kind of poorly educated youths to carry guns and kill their own neighbours.

Where were these nonentities before 2017 Amba madness started? Where did these names come from? These professional theives saw an opportunity, and they took it. The opportunity to radicalise gullible and poorly educated youths and send them to their death.

Thankfully, this madness is coming to an end. I have personally spoken with several Amba boys and helped them to drop their guns and save their lives. Many Amba boys have escaped into Nigeria; some have gone as far as South Africa and Togo. They have realised that they were manipulated and deceived by charlatans and criminals in the diaspora, who are using their blood to make money and pay their mortgages in the USA, etc.. 

The moral of this story is that.. FINALLY, the Amba boys are beginning to learn sense, because they are seeing the reality for themselves, and they can now see their own mistakes, and that there is no independence coming, and that they were LIED to, by criminals who live happy abroad.

The persistence of activists (like MKPD and Franklin Njume) to sensitise the general public is working. Kawa Yannick in SW has also dropped his guns, and moved in with the Cameroon military, and now he is leading the military in attacks against the Amba Boys. Kawa Yannick was an Amba “Commander” just last week. 

Sooner or Later, the madness will END! And I have every confidence that come September 2019, children will be able to return to school again. 


FESTAC 2019 – Limbe – The event is going strong and successfully


The FESTAC in Limbe started today 05 Apr 2019. The event is very successful so far. 

Many are pointing to Eric Tataw’s attempts to STOP the event – That once again, the YOUTHS of SW region have denounced Ambazonia blowhards like Eric Tataw, and everyone is going about their normal lives.

FESTAC 2019 - Limbe - The event is going strong
FESTAC 2019 – Limbe – The event is going strong

The informant on the ground who sent me these photos also added this caption.. “We are happy to anounce that we have up to 700 flight tickets ready for travellers who wish to quickly reach Maryland. We di wait them.”

FESTAC 2019 - Limbe - Cameroon
FESTAC 2019 – Limbe – Cameroon
FESTAC 2019 - Limbe - Cameroon - The Youths are enjoying some good time
FESTAC 2019 – Limbe – Cameroon – The Youths are enjoying some good time

I want to congratulate everyone who came out to mind their business and have a good time. The only way to defeat terror is to NOT ALLOW TERRORISTS to terrorise us. In Europe, when terrorists bomb a music concert, WE HOLD MORE Concerts! 

Eric Tataw vs Tapang – Episode 1 – Pizza Boy

MKPD> This is Eric Tataw – He was on Facebook live on Friday 22 Mar 2019 – He had to dish out some dirt on Tapang Ivo, because aparently, Tapang was making him too angry.. The drama is very entertaining.. wuna listen.. 

So.. These are the same FOOLS that want to be “leaders” of “Ambazonia” Tomorrow.. Nonentitles, idiots, and juvenile numbskulls. 

Eric Tataw previewed this outing two days earlier
Eric Tataw previewed this outing two days earlier
Eric Tataw wrote... 
Ayaba Is Now A Complete Clown!!!

You can be a member of the A Gang of Criminals (AGC), but trust me, these guys are Fake. What's the meaning of doing a video at the Airport??? This is so pathetic!!!

Ayaba can be good but he's too egocentric added to the fact that he's wrapped by very dull and bad guys. My name is Eric Tataw, I would flatten them.

Ask them which diplomats would take you seriously if they see you posting a picture in an airport while traveling to meet them???

25years in the struggle like Biya's 36 years with a despoiled Cameroon of destitution, prostitution and spokesmen who worked illegally at Papa John's Pizza at 2668 Monterey Rd, San Jose, CA 9511.

Take the date on Friday March 22 at exactly 5PM Amba Time for a Special Facebook Live. I would deal with these ADF Thieves; enablers of kidnapping...

The truth is that Ayaba can be good but because of ego and bad guys, he's bad and so, he isn't needed and that's why God brought me in!!! 

Eric Tataw, Wednesday March 20, 2019.
Eric Tataw recorded yannick Sikod - Comitted a crime
Eric Tataw recorded Yannick Sicot – Comitting a crime – See below..

So Yannick Sicot took to Facebook to send a response to Eric Tataw – LoooL

My response to Eric for recording my voice without my permission.

Just for the records. I wasn't in any LIVE show with ERIC today. What you should know is that, Eric recorded our private conversation without my knowledge or my permission and played it during his live show which was highly watched. What Eric did to my personality by putting up a conversation b/w him (Eric) and I (Yannick) was illegal and punishable by US state Law. If sued, Eric could face up to (6 months imprisonment).

I was ignorance of his intentions except for the fact that he sent photos and video of Tapang in a said pizza restaurant located in XXX city. After I told Eric that i was going to forward the video and photos he sent to me to Tapang for verifications, Eric immediately deleted the photos and video from our WhatsApp chat.

From the audio he played during his show, some people thought he was having a live call with Yannick during his show, whereas, it was a recorded conversation he played, and he did so (recorded our conversation) without my knowledge/permission.

You all could hear from the audio as I, Yannick, clearly asked Eric not to worry about Tapang or post anything that has to do with Tapang bcs Tapang is still our brother, that he (Eric) should focused on our revolution and I will talk with Tapang.

No idea that I was being recorded on another line. Well, for those who listened to the audio, was I speaking for Tapang or Against Tapang?, all what I did was to save our revolution. Eric is a good guy, don't get me wrong! But I don't think what he did was right.

Eric! Except to hear from my Attorney anytym soon. Since we all have decided to go this route. I don't play around like others when it comes to my legal rights in this country. 

Dear comrades, stay focused! This our revolution is bigger than any activist or leader. I have been in a very deplorable position ever since we started having all these in house fighting b/w activities vs activities or leaders vs leaders. I'm only concerned about those on GZ.

Yannick Sicot the Amba Terrorist living in California
Yannick Sicot the terrorist living in California
Yannick Sicot to eric Tataw
Yannick Sicot to eric Tataw

Stay tuned – The drama is plenty LoL. 

Tapang PizzaBoy Liar Tanku
Tapang PizzaBoy Liar Tanku
MKPD is everywhere - Please check online before coming to WhatsApp
MKPD is everywhere – Please check online before coming to WhatsApp
MKPD is taking a short Break
MKPD is taking a short Break – Starting tomorrow 24 Mar 2019
Amba vs LRC is experiencing some small Problems
Amba vs LRC is experiencing some small Problems

Eric Tataw cant stop talking about MKPD> Wuna Listen..

#MKPD> OperationSunshine is killing Ambazonia 😂.. Everyone is afraid to donate, because they are afraid of small sunshine 😂.. Wuna listen.

They say we’re not significant, but they can’t stop talking about MKPD.. Why is that? 🤔 He spent about 12 or 13 minutes of his show talking about us, and at the same time, he said we are not relevant, we are not credible.

MKPD> We are dealing with them. People are SCARED to contribute. Because they are scared of #OperationSunshine, and that alone, has CUT their fund raising by a HUGE percentage, and we are PROUD of that. 


A note to Amba Terrorists

Please Amba-Tramadol boys and drug scamming diasporans! The road to Buea is very clear and wide!

Not many pot holes and not too many bends! For those who have never been to Buea and want to come there and take over and put siseku there, after taking him from Yde, go to musango express put him in a bus for Buea. They will drop him at mile 17!

Then he will take a taxi straight up to around the governor’s office. Please let the driver not cheat Ayuk Tabe siseku oooh its 250frs!

Then he will be at the presidency near the mountain! A room is waiting for him there! There are 76 rooms!

For those who are coming from Mamfe and Lebialem, when u get to Kumba, you take mondial.

Its just about 1 hour drive. Don’t pay more than 2,000 frs. Buea is cool and beautiful. E di wait una! Idiotsssssssss!!!!!! Una don craze…. una tryam make military erase una from the surface of the earth!!!

I’m sure if stupid Eric Tataw and stammering Bareta dream and mistakenly find themselves in Cameroon, they will wakop and start casting and binding!

We go cut that bareta ye tongue, then that Tataw ye hands we go give ye long sleeves, just like he’s been preaching online.

Bastards destroying Cameroon! We go meet up for dey all we one fine day and na for there wey the physical fights go start!

Anybody in diaspora who mentions that word Amba by some of us must go home with a black eye!


Reports blame Garri Master for the kidnapping and beheading of Ali Pima in Kumba

Operation Sunshine is going strong 💪🏾.

Some people are telling us that garri master is the one who ordered Amba terrorists in Kumba to behead Ali Pima, in a desperate move to combat the losing they have endured in the past few weeks.

The Buea Mountain Race was a big defeat for Ambazonia Terrorists.

The women’s day was another huge defeat.

#OperationSunshine has almost killed them completely, as we released the financial Audit report and also released the names of some of those contributing money to kill people in Cameroon.

We are also hearing from reliable sources that Garri Master asked the Amba terrorists to collect ransom, money which will be wired back to America for this their “National AK campaign”

Below is a picture of Ali, a popular resident of Kumba. They took him yesterday and a sum of 500,000frs was collected. They further called that they demanded 600,000frs. ALI cried over the phone that any of his property be sold if not they will kill him. The 600,000frs was sent and they promised to release him by 1pm.

Latee, the terrorists called and indicated where his head was dropped.

These Amba terrorists had contacted Ali on several occasions to join them because they knew his potentials.

His marriage a week ago was in grand style.

Ali was kidnapped by Amba terrorists from his tailoring workshop on Saturday 09 March 2019, at about 4pm.

May his soul rest in peace.

Amba boys “Garri” people at CDC in Tiko, again, today 19 Feb 2019

MKPD> Ambazonia Terrorists have done it again. Butchering people at the CDC Tiko, today 19 Feb 2019.. When I say you must fight these terrorists, you think I am joking, stay there and they will come and KILL all of you one by one if you don’t fight them back.

Civils mutilés ce jour à Tiko (région du Sud-Ouest) par les sécessionnistes terroristes.
Click on the image above to +enlarge

Look at the pictures for yourselves. Amba terrorists attack Tiko CDC and butcher people. This is the third of such attacks.. Eric Tataw must be VERY happy with the “Garri” process he’s been preaching. 

Previous Amba Attrocity at CDC Tiko 

Take Action

No more Ghost Towns
No more Ghost Towns

People MUST mobilise and demonstrate every monday against this kind of violence.

Eric Tataw has been implicated in the burning of Kumba District Hospital

MKPD > Please listen to the Audio/video below, Eric Tataw has been implicated in the burning of the Kumba District Hospital. This is PURE evil. 

At least four patients lost their lives in the hospital fire. 

Some anonymous writer wrote this..  (Has not been independently verified by myelf..)

This goes to all those who point fingers to the military regarding the Kumba district Hospital, I wish you a painful death. After the lockdown I will send you names and the group responsible for that arson. Ask Ebenezer and ayaba if they know of amba fighters called Romeo and Decko?

It's a shame to even read trash as such, just like that crying lady said, a woman placenta was denied to be cut inside the theatre by the amba fighters, its pathetic .

Kingsley these are people you ask us to protect.

We will see the next move.

And another anonymous person wrote this below.. 

On the burning of the district hospital in Kumba

Since the news broke out, I have intentionally stayed quiet to do my due diligence, to investigate what happened, when, how and by who.

After interviewing 15 people who were at the hospital that night, including providers, nurses, patients and security, It is now my conclusion that it was not the Cameroon military that set fire on the hospital as hurriedly put out by propagandists.

My findings conclusively point to the Amba fighters as the perpetrators of the crime.

Late in the evening of the 10th of February, six Amba boys came to the hospital with a ladder, which they used to scale the wall. They were easily identified because of their wears and their Anglophone accent. They went to the male surgical ward and the surgery room, asked the patients to leave because they wanted to burn the facility to set an example. They poured gasoline, lit up the structure then left. They left behind their ladder.

For the record, the Kumba District Hospital is the referral hospital in the largest health district in the SW region. It serves about 600,000 people directly and up to 1,000,000 indirectly as a referral structure for Meme, Ndian, kupe-Manenguba, Lebialem and Manyu divisions. It treats about 15,000 patients every month.

The hospital has now been shut down indefinitely, putting the health of hundreds of thousands of people at risk.

Even during the world wars, hospitals were off limit. The Geneva convention specifically protects health workers and health facilities.

I usually have something to say but today I am going to be speechless. I will be back. But let me say this.

The pain of this insanity is difficult to articulate but there will be hell to pay.

Wilson Eseme, MD.