Mobilizing Southern Cameroons – I approve this message

MKPD .. Someone sent me this very insightful message below. Take a look . 

Hello Ma Kontri man

Greetings from Cameroon. Great work you are doing via your blog. I only hope all that are stated in the blog are real and authentic information talk and work with. It's unfortunate I have say so because lots of online propaganda are out there in the media space, especially the social media, feeding people with wrong information that has worsen their already worse situation.

For a while above a month I have visiting this blog, listening to the videos and reading some of the articles. So impressed and truth be told, we, southern Cameroonians need such information because we have gagged into unbelievable lies and deceits, and have now become subjects of demonic onslaught: with deaths, many deaths, atrocities aplenty.

I have just listened to the videos by Princess Henrietta and Mr. Mbianda. May be they are waking up from slumber and delusion of self deceit now. They must speak out more, engage many southern Cameroonians more, especially those in ground zero as they mentioned. They must intensify information dissemination and let the population understand, even the so called fighters, that they are being deceived by blood thirsty self-centered men in the name of IG, in diaspora.

Is it not possible to mobilize the population here for a protest against these Amba fighters and the IG? It could be kick started online - I mean the mobilization. Let the population throng out in the streets of Northwest and Southwest, not in support of government, but in solidarity, in one voice calling for an end to atrocities in the land. Enough is enough. Women did it last year. Now, women, men, young, old, elites who are all now in hiding must come out en mass and march in the street, protesting for a stop. If politicians and political parties can do it, why can't the masses do it. This protest can massively take place in regional capitals or in divisional capitals. To send a message that the population are no longer comfortable with the incessant killings, rapes, extortion, kidnappings, etc. Enough is enough. If the population of southern Cameroons continue to dwell in this satanic fear that have gripped them: fear of Amba fighters and reprisal attacks, then this evil must continue.
Email from a fan 16 Feb 2019
Email from a fan 16 Feb 2019.. Part 1 of 2
I am writing you because I believe your blog is well followed and with such wider reach, mobilization is made easier. Online support is possible now. If those fraudulent Amba IG can mobilize funds via online or social media, the citizens or populations can do so as well. If your blog only gives information and updates, it would not make any sense. But you can go a bit further and make impact by it. Evil prevails when good men keep quiet.

We can do something.

God bless southern Cameroons.

  • Email from a fan 16 Feb 2019.. Part 2 of 2
    Email from a fan 16 Feb 2019.. Part 2 of 2
I approve this message.. I would like the writer to know that we are working on it..

PSS Nkwen Exposes Ambazonia Web of LIES

On Monday 05 Nov 2018, gunmen (Amba Boys) kidnapped 78 students and 3 staff from Presbyterian Secondary School (PSS) Nkwen in Bamenda – Cameroon. The Ambazonian efforts to deny responsibility for the kidnapping is laughable, as evidence emerge that IT WAS the terrorist separatist Amba boys who carried out the terror attack on innocent children in school.

Now the whole world is comparing Amba Boys to Boko Haram.  The Lies need to stop. Below.. The international community is NOT beleiving the nonsense propaganda by Ambazonia.

All internation News organisations, from NBC,  Sky News, The Guardian, CBS News, AL Jazeera news,  ALL reported that it WAS the Amba boys that kidnapped the students. Wuna Listen..

And on 10 Dec 2018 at 12:42, Tapang Ivo, the spokesperson for the Ambazonia Defence Forces (ADF) finall accepted that it WAS the Amba boys that committed that TERRORIST attack on school children. Read more here.. 

Tapang Ivo Facebook Post
Tapang Ivo Facebook Post