Ambazonia terrorists continue to recruit child soldiers in Cameroon

This is February 2019..
This is just more evidence of Ambazonia child soldiers

This is one of the main reasons why these Amba Terrorists don’t want schools to reopen.. Because they recruit gullible idle youths into the terror gangs, and also because these terrorists use abandoned school buildings as shelter, or base camps.

As soon as these child soldiers get killed, ofcourse they will instantly become “innocent citizens”. 🤔


Yes ANOTHER Ambazonia Child Soldier – So SAD

These people sit in the diaspora, and send our YOUNG children to go and DIE!

This is a CRIME against Humanity. Child soldiers! Yeesh! this is soo upsetting.

Akwanga, Eric Tataw, Mark Bareta, Ayaba Cho, Boh Herbert, John Mbah Akuru, Tapang Ivo, etc etc.. They would NEVER go to Cameroon to pick up guns and fight, but they are sending these children to go and die for NOTHING.

This Child soldier in Momo, NW region in Cameroon
This Child soldier in Momo, NW region in Cameroon
This was Smally - ADF Child soldier... Now He is DEAD!
This was Smally – ADF Child soldier… Now He is DEAD!

This is not the only one.. Smallee was also killed like this. He was only 13 years old.


Some Amba Boys Made a video message – My commentary

Waaaaandaaaassss 😏

– So These band of IDIOTS, Amba boys dem don send message for President Paul Biya.😂

– Ambazonia.. Seriously. These are your leaders? Wuna di call yi General. This fool? 🤦🏽‍♂️

– Where are the weapons? These fools are still carrying old dane guns.. You said you were harvesting weapons.. WHERE dem dey?? iDiots.😅

– And you still recruiting child soldiers.. Ambazonia Whyyyyy? 🤔

– And what is the sources of income for these Amba boys? Extortion, Kidnapping for ransom, and armed robbery.

– But the most disappointing thing na say these boys plenty massa, why military di waste time?😔

– If you recognise anyone of them, report them. My WhatsApp number.. +237 6 7418 9836, website, we will make Amba boys famous. 👍🏽

There ARE consequences for this level of STUPIDITY.. iDiots!

MKPD – Lets make these idiots famous..