There is no war in Cameroon – Stop misleading people


There is but a security PROBLEM in 2 regions, the NW and SW regions.
Terrorist groups of uneducated, ill-equipped young individuals calling themselves Ambazonians who are using terror (beheadings, random killings, burning schools, stopping children not to go to school).
They also kidnap people for ransom.

Biya sends a stern warning message to Amba Boys
Biya sends a stern warning message to Amba Boys

It’s a crisis of criminal gangs, and whenever the gang’s hideouts are identified they are wiped out within 48 hours, so they regroup and try again.
The height of the criminal crisis was between April 2018 to December 2018, when the Amba Boys numbered around 3,000 poorly armed individuals.
Since then, the Cameroon security forces have launched several attacks and destroyed over 50 camps. Many of the Amba Boys themselves have either been killed or they fled Cameroon. Some are hiding in Nigeria, some have escaped as far as Gabon, Togo, South Africa, etc.

The Amba boys are now believed to be less than 1,000 in number.
There is no war in Cameroon. ūüá®ūüá≤

The Cameroon government has deployed *”SECURITY FORCES”* to the two regions, and not a full scale military presence.

Please President Biya.. Save these boys,, don't finish them.
Please President Biya.. Save these boys,, don’t finish them.

The Cameroon Navy and marines have not been called up to get involved in the area. They have maintained security operations around the territorial waters in the Atlantic.

The Cameroon Air Force have not been called to deploy to the regions in question. The army artillery and other arsenal of Cameroons military capability have not been mobilised to defend it’s boundaries.. Because there is no war in Cameroon.

Military Offensive to Liberate NW from Amba Terrorists (4 Feb 19)
Military Offensive to Liberate NW from Amba Terrorists (4 Feb 19)

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Another Ambazonia ammunition supply intercepted at the Nigerian Border


Ce jour entre 10h et 12h30, sur renseignements, 595 munitions calibres 12 ont √©t√© saisies pont Ekok border et Agence Vatican Ekok dans des sacs d’arachides. Deux v√©hicules saisis et trois suspects interpell√©s.

Au m√™me moment, 206 munitions ont aussi √©t√© saisis dans deux sacs d’arachides √† bord du mini car immatricul√© NW736 NC de l’agence Vatican Au check point mixte de Besong Abang.

Tous ces sacs avaient pour destination Bamenda.

Enqu√™te ouverte EM/Cie Mamfe. D’autres sacs(04) seraient sur le trajet Ikom(Nigeria)-Ekok-Mamfe-Bamenda.