The success of the Buea Mountain Race 23 Feb 2019 – Was a great devastating blow to Ambazonia

MKPD> In this episode, I will talk about the Amba boys that attended to the Mountain race, plus the three main reasons why the race was successful, and then my observations, commentary and analysis.. Watch the Video below.


The first place for the men, Mbacha Eric, ran to the finish line after 4hrs 40 minutes, and will collect the winning Prize of 10 million Frs.

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The second place for the men, was Ali Mohammadou who finished the race after 4hrs 44 minutes, And wins te prize of 7 million frs CFA.

And the 3rd place winner is Godlove Gatsibium who finished the race after 4hr 46 minutes, and goes home with 5 million Frs CFA.


The First Woman to cross the finish line is Tata Carine, and she also wins 10 Million frs,

The second place for women is Ngalim Lizette, She wins 7 Million frs

And the 3rd place went to Ngwaya Yvonne – who won 5 million Frs.

Congratulations to All who participated, You are all winning fatly and your trip to BUEA was a GREAT success..

A post on Franklin Njume's Faceboo LoL
A post on Franklin Njume’s Faceboo LoL
It is worth noting that ALL the 6 names both men and women who came first second and third, are ALL from the NW region of Cameroon.

Ekema Patrick

The success of this Mountain race cannot be understated.. I would like to take a minute and HEEP special praise on one man.. EKEMA PATRICK, the Mayor of Buea.. He is a very competent leader, he was able to coordinate and mobilise everyone, and Make this a great success.

Mayor of Buea - Ekema Patrick
Mayor of Buea – Ekema Patrick

Because of this ONE man (Ekema Patrick), he has driven Amba terrorists CRAZY, now they are saying they want to move their capital from Buea to Mamfe, or wherever else.

Congratulations indeed
Congratulations indeed

Patrick Ekema deserves a round of applause for a Job well done.. I hear Bamenda has 3 mayors. All of them are missing in Action, they should go to Buea and see how it is done.

The Cameroon Government also did well, including the ministry of sports, and the Military

The Cameroon military was also very present, not even a suspicious fly with dane gun came ANYWHERE near the race. This success was very demoralising for the terrorists, people like Eric Tataw and Bareta, have had nothing substantial to say or brag after the race.

After the mountain race was very successful, they were all crying on social, saying that the minister of Sports attended in an armoured car, and that the military was everywhere.. 

But of Couse, these idiots promised insecurity – they said people should attend at their own risk, that bullets will be flying.. and people took precautions, and now the same terrorists are crying? Idiots..

This is the beginning of the end of this madness and the success of this mountain race is just one step, it has showed the people that When they come out in their numbers to live their lives, NO ONE, can stop them.. Not even Beheaders..

Response to the mountain race on Bareta’s post

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BREAKING NEWS – Dion Ngute Joseph is appointed new Prime Minister of Cameroon

The head of state, President Paul Biya has appointed Joseph Dion Ngute as the new Prime Minister of the Republic of Cameroon.

From Facebook
From Facebook

He was appointed by Presidential decree. He was later seen in a short video (Below) thanking the president for this honour.

It is worth noting that Mr Dion Ngute was born on 12 March 1954, in Ndian, SW region. Yesterday 03 Jan 2019, Mr Dion was Minister in charge of Special duties at the Presidency.

The same yesterday, his residence was burnt to ashes by Amba Boys in his native Bobongo, Ekondo Titi sub division in the Ndian division of the South West region of Cameroon.

Dion Ngute Joseph - residence Burnt by Amba boys
Dion Ngute Joseph – residence Burnt by Amba boys

Today he has been appointed Prime Minister.  This is a man who understands the anglophone crisis. He is a son of the soil, a royal highness, ruler of his tribe, and therefore a great instrument for solving this problem in the two regions. 

--- PROFILE ----

HRH Dr Dion Ngute is the 9th Prime Minister of Cameroon, following his appointment in Jan 2019. He succeeded Philémon Yang.

HRH Dr. Joseph Dion NGUTE was born on 12 March 1954, in Ndian, SW region. He was appointed the PRIME MINISTER of Cameroon on 04 Jan 2019. President Biya appointed him as someone who understands the security problems in the two anglophone regions.

Before that, he was appointed Minister Delegate to the Minister of External Relations in December 1997 with special responsibility for cooperation with member countries in the Commonwealth, a Cabinet position he held for over a decade.

In particular, he represented Cameroon at the U.N Human Rights Council, Geneva as well as the Africa Commission for Human and people’s Rights in Banjul, Gambia.

As a member of the U.N. sponsored Cameroon/Nigeria Mixed Commission, he participated in the negotiations leading to the implementation of the I.C.J decision on the boundary dispute between Cameroon and Nigeria of October 10, 2002. These negotiations culminated in the handing over of the Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroon by Nigeria on August 14th 2008. He also led the Cameroonian delegation to negotiations that led to the creation of the African Union from the O.A.U. He is also the Cameroonian lead negotiator within the Gulf of Guinea Commission.

Before entering the Government, Dr. Joseph Dion NGUTE was the Director General of the National School of Administration and Magistracy where he was responsible for the training of senior personnel in Public Administration, Finance and the Judiciary. He served in that position for ten years. Dr. Dion NGUTE is holder of a Ph.D. in law from Warwick University, England, an LL.M from the University of London, England.


General Ivo is Dead

General Ivo is Dead. See pictures.. Killed in Teke – Kumba, today Fri 21 Dec 2018.

Story still developing… Reports coming in from eye witnesses on the ground say that these Amba boys were killed by the BIR, in Teke – Kumba. He was killed among several other Amba fools. These are Gruesome images.. But we need the world to see

General Ivo is DEAD - Killed in Mabanda
“General” Ivo is DEAD – Killed in Mabanda
Gruesom Images.. But we need the world to see
Gruesome Images.. But we need the world to see
General Ivo DEAD
General Ivo is DEAD
Self proclaimed “General” Ivo of the ADF
When will this nonsense STOP?
When will this nonsense STOP?
Several Amba Boys killed along with
Several Amba Boys killed along with “Gen” Ivo

Speechless. This is Cameroon.. Madness called Ambazonia..

Do these fools still believe in Odeshi?
Do these fools still believe in Odeshi?
Live by the Gun..
Live by the Gun..
Your victims are celebrating your death
Your victims are celebrating your death

This is Ambazonia Madness. When will this nonsense stop? When will our young men stop causing their own deaths like this? MADNESS!

PSS Nkwen Exposes Ambazonia Web of LIES

On Monday 05 Nov 2018, gunmen (Amba Boys) kidnapped 78 students and 3 staff from Presbyterian Secondary School (PSS) Nkwen in Bamenda – Cameroon. The Ambazonian efforts to deny responsibility for the kidnapping is laughable, as evidence emerge that IT WAS the terrorist separatist Amba boys who carried out the terror attack on innocent children in school.

Now the whole world is comparing Amba Boys to Boko Haram.  The Lies need to stop. Below.. The international community is NOT beleiving the nonsense propaganda by Ambazonia.

All internation News organisations, from NBC,  Sky News, The Guardian, CBS News, AL Jazeera news,  ALL reported that it WAS the Amba boys that kidnapped the students. Wuna Listen..

And on 10 Dec 2018 at 12:42, Tapang Ivo, the spokesperson for the Ambazonia Defence Forces (ADF) finall accepted that it WAS the Amba boys that committed that TERRORIST attack on school children. Read more here.. 

Tapang Ivo Facebook Post
Tapang Ivo Facebook Post