Ndongué Étienne – Ambazonia Terror Victim – Beheaded on 28 Dec 2018 in Bamenda – See Video below

MKPD> Since 28 December 2018 when I first saw the video of the beheading in Bamenda, it has haunted me, and I decided to dig deeper into the story and tell this poor man’s story. It is exactly because of stories like these, that I started my activism – The silent majority, the unheard voices, the masses that are crying and dying without anyone paying attention to their pleas. So let’s get started on this tragic story..

Ndongué Étienne

Ndongué Étienne – Ambazonia Terror Victim – Beheaded on 28 Dec 2018

His name was: Ndongué Étienne

Originally from: Gbaya (A tribe originated from East and Adamawa Regions, but he was from Mbere department in the Adamawa Region of Cameroon)

In 2009, Mr Ndongué Étienne enlisted in the Cameroon Army Presidential Guard (Garde Présidentielle (GP)).  He was later transferred to the regular army after a few years. He was later posted to work in Bamenda, where he was murdered in cold blood by one of the terrorist groups known as Amba Boys, operating in Bamenda North West Region of Cameroon.

Regarding the circumstances, it is not very clear. But one of his colleagues said normally, they don’t go out alone, since the Ambazonia Terrorist groups formed in 2017. But sometimes, they venture out alone, for example, to buy something they desperately need.

Public Appeal for Justice

Please any family relative or anyone with personal knowledge of Ndongué Étienne who was killed in December of 2018 please contact MKPD> (WhatsApp:: +447495198739) or NSAHLAI LAW FIRM.

For legal purposes, we need you to authenticate the videos as belonging to Ndongué Étienne and has beheaded by the forces of Ambazonia Interim Government under their orders.

My contact on the ground believes, it was in this kind of situation that Mr Ndongué Étienne was recognized as a soldier, since he was wearing a GP T-shirt. That was a fatal mistake. Not only was he alone, he was wearing an easily identifiable military tee-shirt.  

On that same 28 December 2018, the Cameroon Army’s Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) went on the field because they were told that there were Amba Terrorists around. The BIR killed two Amba Terrorists and while running away, some of the Amba boys drop down a decapitated human head on the ground and ran off.

One of the BIR soldiers recognized that the head was Ndongué Étienne because the two camps (BIR and regular army) are close to each other and they knew each other.

This suggests that after the Amba Terrorists beheaded this man, they took away his head, for whatever reason. On the mobile phone of one of the Amba terrorists that was killed, they saw the gruesome beheading, captured on video. The video clips are displayed below as evidence of the atrocities being committed by the Ambazonia terrorists in Cameroon.

He was a Caporal in the Cameroon Army.

I am writing this story to bring attention to this particular story because it is one of HUNDREDS of stories of Gross human rights abuses, and terrorism being perpetrated on the people of Cameroon, by Ambazonia terrorists.

Those who instigate, fund, and order such attacks live in Europe and America, and are being protected by their host countries. When will the international community respond to the Terrorism happening in Cameroon?

My Apologies to friends and Family members of Mr Ndongué Étienne. I do not wish to bring you more agony by publishing this story. My intention is to raise awareness, so that we can all work to STOP these kind of CRIMES against Humanity from ever happening in Cameroon.


Ndongué Étienne - Appeal for info

Ndongué Étienne – Appeal for info

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