Seseku dissolves the IG – But IG says NO – This is PURE Comedy

#MKPD – The #Ambazonia #ComedyRevolution keeps on giving us enough entertainment.. So, on 02 May 2019, Seseku wrote a letter, dissolving the “Internet Government” (IG), and put himself back as the President (even though he is in prison in Yaounde). LoL.. Watch below.. 

As if that was not funny enough, the next day, 03 May 2019, Sako Ikome (The “Acting Internet President” AIP on the IG) sent his communications guy (Chris Anu) to say NO, they have refused to be dissolved. LoLLLLL

And PizzaBoy (Tapang the LIAR) Tanku has a response.. “Small condom”.. Please.. Wuna Listen.. And do not laugh alone.. Make sure you SHARE SHARE SHARE and leave your comment on Social Media – Not on my WhatsApp oh..

Seseku's letter dissolving the IG - Page 1
Seseku’s letter dissolving the IG – Page 1
Seseku's letter dissolving the IG - Page 1
Seseku’s letter dissolving the IG – Page 1

Anyways.. This Comedy is brought to you by Ambazonians, I am only the messenger. I am begging, leave your comments but on Social media..


Fake Pastors - Must go back to theor Sunday jobs, Leave Revolution alone
Fake Pastors – Must go back to theor Sunday jobs, Leave Revolution alone
Nambere - I have a proposal for you
Nambere – I have a proposal for you

The “Amba General” Nambere should contact MKPD> I have a Proposal for him..

How to Contact MKPD
How to Contact MKPD

PS: The whole show has been so embarrassing for Ambazonians that they are afraid to talk about it. Their Loud Mouths, like Bareta and “Garri Master” Eric Tataw, even the Village clowns have been totally MUTE about this one. LoL – They are ashamed to say ANYTHING about this COMEDY.

MKPD WhatsApp +44 749 5198 739

#MKPD – Below.. Wuna see me badluck oh – Listen to this.. AmbaFools contacting me.. Disturbing my peace.

Barrister Nsahlai has Officially Referred Ambazonia IG SCAM to the IRS for investigation, plus the FBI Opens an investigation on Ambazonia thieves in the USA

MKPD> Wuna look at the referral document that was filed by Barrister Nsahlai Emmanual, referring the Amba THIEVES in the diaspora to the IRS for Investigation.

Once the IRS starts looking deep into the Actvitites of these CRIMINALS, they will be SHUT down for Good.. 

Download the document here for yourselves, including exhibits.. 

2019-03-29 IRS Complaint_Ambazonia Foundation Inc._Exh

Ambazonia Foundation - IRS Referral
Ambazonia Foundation – IRS Referral
Referral to the IRS by Barrister Nsahlai
Referral to the IRS by Barrister Nsahlai

Download the FBI report that Barrister Nsahlai made regarding Chris Anu here FBI report Re CHRIS ANU

The FBI has taken Barrister Nsahlai’s reports very seriously and have been in several phone and email communications with Barrister Nsahlai to gather more information, and to progress their investigations. I can confirm that the Ambazonians in the USA are OFFICIALLY Under FBI investigations – As Usual, I come with EVIDENCE! see below.. 

FBI Called Barrister Nsahlai regarding Ambazonians in the Diaspora
FBI Called Barrister Nsahlai regarding Ambazonians in the Diaspora

Calls from FBI to Barrister Emmanuel Nsahlai last week to discuss his criminal complaints against Ambazonia leaders promoting violence and terrorism in Cameroon which led to the deaths of his clients and sufferings of the CAVAT membership he represents. Face to face meetings lasted over 3 hours on multiple occations. The investigation continues. Barrister Nsahlai opines that without a doubt, an FBI sweep arrests of all the leaders is upcoming.

FBI may need a few months to verify the evidence in Cameroon. Also, FBI has started requests, though Barrister Nsahlai, to speak to victims who could be witnesses.

The FBI contacted Barrister Nsahlai
The FBI contacted Barrister Nsahlai

As you can see from the snapshot evidence above, that’s further evidence of FBI contacts with Barrister Nsahlai. I redacted the FBI agent’s name and number so these AmbaFools cannot pester the FBI agents with messages to claim their innocence.

They must await the day they are dragged into the FBI offices for questioning.. 


Ambe Fausta Ditah – Ambazonia Terrorist sponsor from Abroad #OperationSunshine

Good morning MKPD, name number 3 is called Ambe Fausta Ditah, a graduate from Sacred Heart College Mankon, originate from Ntamafe Mankon. He lives in Minnesota USA. He is one of the greatest Ambazonian sponsors from abroad.

Ambe Fausta Ditah - Face of Wickedness - Sponsoring Terrorism in Cameroon
Ambe Fausta Ditah – Face of Wickedness – Sponsoring Terrorism in Cameroon

Please publish this on all social networks. We must stop this madness. I am MKPD and you are MKPD, and they will soon realise that MKPD is a network of people, not one individual.

Can you believe that he also has investments in Cameroon? 🤔 We too can light a match and burn it. The wickedness is too much from Ambazonia Criminals.

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It is too much, the suffering and atrocities these lunatics have inflicted on Cameroonians cannot permit one to stay indifferent.

We must forward all these names to the Cameroon government and embassies abroad for prompt action.

That is his picture above, on Facebook his profile name is “Fausta Ditah

He's on Facebook
He’s on Facebook

Crack his Facebook page and get more pictures and information.

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Operation Sunshine on HELENE ANCHI AKONJI – One of the Criminals of “Ambazonia” 419 SCAM called the Interim Government

#MKPD> #OperationSunshine is going strong.
This is HELENE Anchi AKONJI – The woman who ACCEPTED for HER NAME and Address to be used to create the NGO (SCAM) called Ambazonia. Foundation.
Helene A. Akonji
Helene Anchi Akonji
She is a serious CRIMINAL, Has been to court more times than a judge, and SACKD from several jobs – No wonder she would be mixed up with FAKE PASTORS and 419 crooks like Sako, Chris Anu, Tabenyang, etc.
Below is evidence of when Helene Akonji took some innocent man to court for sexual harassment. If you don't believe me, Google it for yourself.
#OperationSunshine will reveal ALL.
Helene Akonji - Sexual Harassment 1
Helene Akonji – Sexual Harassment 1

These people are thieves..

Birds of a Feather, flock together.. #Operation Sunshine will be revealing intimate details about these CROOKS, and you will clearly see why they banded together to SCAM people, they are ALL Criminals and Crooks..
Helene Akonji - Sexual Harassment 2
Helene Akonji – Sexual Harassment 2
For more info about this Sexual harassment case, above,  visit this link.. 

The details above shows you the Kind of woman she is.. She was SACKED from work for being Tardy, and suspicions of her stealing from work. She then files a lawsuit for sexual harassment against her employer, and the case was dismissed, because this woman is a CROOK, and there was NO sexual harassment.

She is unprofessional, Always LATE for work, infact.. visit the link and read for yourselves.. 

Amba IG incorporation page 1
Amba IG incorporation page 1
Helen Akonji
Helen Akonji

8 Amba Terrorist sponsors that MUST be identified and rewarded for sponsoring terror in Cameroon

MKPD> – There are 8 names behing the Ambazonia NGO SCAM, that we still know little about, and we MUST expose and get them reward for sponsoring Terrorism in Cameroon.

If Eric Tataw wants to bring garri to my FAMILY MEMBERS, and these terrorists keep quiet about it, HOW would they feel if their own Family relatives start receiving FREE KumKum too? Let the dirty games continue.. 

Ambazonia started it, but MKPD will finish it. Nonsense. 

Click on the image to +enlarge
Above, you have Irene Ngwa and Festus Ndeh

These names are on the documentary evidence below. WHO are they? We want photos, and ALL information about them, and their Family members and property in Cameroon. If OUR properties and Family members are targets, THEY too must KNOW that we CAN, and WILL target their Family members too. They declared war on us, and then started playing dirty tricks, sending “Garri Master” to come and level threats, incite violence, and burn down hospitals, beheadings, etc. etc.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Amba IG incorporated - Richard Tangu, Blaise Che, Victorine Yangni - Page 3
Amba IG incorporated – Richard Tangu, Blaise Che, Victorine Yangni – Page 3
Amba IG incorporated - Richard Tangu and 6 others - Page 2
Amba IG incorporated – Richard Tangu and 6 others – Page 2
Amba IG incorporated - Richard Tangu - Page 1
Amba IG incorporated – Richard Tangu – Page 1
IG Scam - House - Foreclosure address of the Ambazonia foundation inc
IG Scam – House – Foreclosure address of the Ambazonia foundation inc

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??? LET’s FIND OUT! Let’s expose them.

Below are documents for YOU to download and Analyse, and especially LAWYERS need to look at these documents and start LEGAL proceedings, Let’s drag ALL these people to court.. NOW!!! TODAY!!! There MUSt be consequences for inciting TERRORISM – If the Cameroon Government wont hold them accountable, then WE ordinary people MUST Wear our SUPER HERO Capes and GET BUSY!

We are the HEROES we’ve been waiting for.

IG SCAMMERS – Doc Download

Southern Cameroons Women Movement inc Aprl 2017

Ambazonia Relief Fund – Akwanga

ABC Incorporated

Ambazonia Foundation2

Ambazonia Foundation Certiicate of Incorporation

Amba spiritual and releif friendship foundation ltd

Ambazonia Consulting – Sako Ikome and Tabenyang

Amba IG Financial AUDIT 2017-2018

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Some of Their attrocities

46 AmbaBoys killed by the military in 4 days
46 AmbaBoys killed by the military in 4 days

Ambazonia IG in freefall after Corruption Scandal erupts

MKPD> The corryption Scandal of the Ambazonia Internet Government is on center stage.

Click here to download the full audit. PIC AUDIT 2017-2018

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After seeing the Financial Audit from the IG, someone wrote this below.. 

Ambazonians, take a look at how the IG spent the money that they collected. 😭😭😭

This so called deception of audit is very incomplete. Ambazonians needs a full account.

Tabeyang has not submitted to the audit.

The audit does not tell how much was the total income.

The audit does not take into consideration the private donations given directly to Mr. Sakos private visits, to Irene Ngwa (Treasurer), to Chris Anu, and to Tabeyang.

If anyone is spending about $123, 720.71 for a period of 11 months. Therefore, they should have at minimum a $200,000 paycheck income a year or a very lucrative business. 

What Sako spent Annually from Feb 2018 to Jan 2019: $123,720.71 = (FCFA 71,347,259.04) Sako Spent: 71 Million FCFA in 11 months ??? How many hours did Mr Sako work in 2018??

Very experienced or skilled professionals would earn you a wage of $59.48 = $60 and hour in America. This amount falls above the median income bracket of 2018.

This fraud ends now, Not on our people's blood.
Mark Bareta Wrote this on 11 Feb 2019
Mark Bareta Wrote this on 11 Feb 2019 – I can’t wait to see what He will write now.

Remember my prediction that the end of Amba Madness will be 28 Feb 2019?? We are seeing it happening right before our very own eyes!

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Click on Image above to +enlarge

Village Clown Franklin Verla is not having it. 





Reaction on Facebook
Reaction on Facebook – LOOOOL>. They are crying now.. We WARNED you Fools.

Amba vs Amba .. APNC, Lies, etc – There is SERIOUS infighting and Chaos in Ambazonia

#MKPD> Wuna Listen.. There is SERIOUS infighting and Chaos in Ambazonia – Listen to two Amba fools in their WhatsApp group, Get your Pop Corn, it is very entertaining. LoL.

If I was the one who said it, you will call me a Black leg.. So i just shut up, and Let them express themselves.. Wuna Listen – Remember.. THESE ARE AMBAZONIANS SPEAKING!


WhatsApp +237 6 7418 9836

No more Ghost Towns
No more Ghost Towns

BREAKING SWEET NEWS > Chris Anu has officially been served by the Court

#MKPD > SUGAR NEWS > Chris Anu has officially been served by the Court > He has until 06 March 2019 to answer – Wuna Listen..

 Chris Anu has officially been served with a summons in the lawsuit against him in California.

Downlod the summons here >> 2019-02-14 Summons Served Fobeneh (redacted)

So The proof of service is signed by Christina Edwards, who is the server, the individual who PERSONALLY knocked on the door and handed the summons to Chris Anu on Tuesday 12 Feb 2019.

So what does this mean?

It means Chris Anu has exactly 21 days to respond, and he is OBLIGATED by LAW to file an answer before the 06 of March 2019. If Chris Anu doesn’t file an answer by that date, then Barrister Nsahlai wins the cause automatically, and will get a judgment for financial damages, and put an injunction Chris Anu and his organisations.

So in the past few days you have heard Chris Anu begging people to donate him money through his CashApp and PayPal – Of course – where you will never find out how much is actually raised.. But his excuse is that he wants to pay the bills for his ABC TV.. In my Opinion, he is raising money to pay for lawyers –

Which is all good.. That is still better than using that money to buy guns to kill people in Cameroon.

So it seems the central district court of California is working a lot FASTER than the Northern district, where Tapang has his lawsuit. It took over 3 weeks for Tapang’s summons to be issued, while Chris Anu’s case, it took only 3 days.

And Tapan Ivo’s summons was issued several days before Chris Anu, and yet he hasn’t been officially served, so Tapang’s 21 day count down hasn’t begun, While Chris Anu has already started his count-down 4 days ago.

This is just an interesting point.. Why has it taken the northern district so long to go and knock on Tapang’s door and give him the summons?


The whole operation is a scam
The whole operation is a scam

BREAKING SUGAR NEWS> A Lawsuit has been filed against Chris Anu

MKPD> Sugar News.. Diabetes Alert.. Take your insulin.. Because Barrister Nsahlai has officially taken Ambazonia BIG Mouth Chris Anu to court The Case has been filed, Case Numnber 2:19-cv-00995  on the Fri 08 Feb 2019 – Central District Court in California.

The plaintiffs, Jane Doe and all others similarly situated have brought this lawsuit, against Christopher Anu Fobeneh the Defendant.

Download the full Court case here >> [2019-02-08] Complaint – Fobeneh with Exhibits _CACD(2)

The case is a Complaint for Damages, Injunction and declaratory relief – Which means this is a CIVIL lawsuit… Just like the one against Tapang Ivo.

There are 8 charges in this lawsuit, seeking damages and declaratory reliefs for

  1. Personal injury
  2. Same as 1
  3. For RICO (Racketeering influenced Corrupt organisations)
  4. RICO Conspiracy.
  5. Aiding and abetting acts of international terrorism
  6. Conspiring in furtherance of acts of international terrorism
  7. Provision of material support to terrorists
  8. Negligent infliction of emotional distress,

Demand jury trial.


Plaintiffs, on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated, who have suffered the loss of family friends, relatives, employees, agents, co-workers, laborers, and resulting from that, suffered severe emotional distress, harassment, anxiety, suffering, sleepless nights and other assorted grief and anguish due to the conduct, actions, participation, and material support of defendant CHRISTOPHER ANUFOBENEH (“FOBENEH”) to his agents, joint venture partners, forces, organizations who are armed separatist groups, culminating in the death of several employees,laborers, and agents of plaintiff, and total loss of economic interests of plaintiff Jane Doe.

Defendant FOBENEH, a terrorist, scammer, and opportunist, sensed in late 2016 a way of scamming millions of Cameroonians from their hard earned money by taking advantage of a lawyers civil protest in Cameroon, to declare a secessionist “government” he leads. He has, on information and belief, already raised several million dollars through his website, and used the funds, not only to fund his lavish lifestyle for him and his accomplices, and payment of tuition for their kids and related family members, but critically for this complaint – and in a bid to seek legitimacy among secessionist Cameroonians – materially supported violent crimes of killings, kidnappings, murder, violation of students education rights, terrorism, destruction of property and infrastructure, money laundering, to justify his status as a Cabinet member of the State he formed with his accomplices called “Ambazonia”.

My Analysis

So As I have said before, the case is a civil lawsuit, very similar to the one against Tapang Ivo, meaning that Chris Anu will not go to prison if he loses..

So in about 2 months the court will give him summons.. He can decide to ignore the summons – If he ignores the summons, then he loses the case by default. Once he gets the summons, and if he pleads not guilty, then he will get his lawyer, and they will go through discovery period, and then select a jury and then go to trial.

This is a long process that will take over 1 years before we see an end to this court case..

And do not forget Tapang Ivo’s lawsuit is still here – (Remember Tapang is a student, has no income) and Chris anus the fake pastor uses the struggle to put food on his table…) So where are they going to get money to pay for lawyer fees? The answer is simple.. They will either BEG BORROW, or STEAL, In this case I think they will Beg, using GoFundMe..

And they are deeply divided amongst themselves, So who will support who in all these multiple lawsuits? Man no run. Wuna go finish wuna fufu..

Like Tapang the Liar once acused us of Legal Terrorism. Well, I love the sound of that. LoL. We are terrorising the terrorists .

Anyways.. so This lawsuit seeks to get Chris Anu to PAY money for damages they have caused by inciting violence in Cameroon. If he is found guilty, and he doesn’t have the money to pay, he will be forced to declare Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, and the US government will reposes all his belongings and use the money to pay the damages.

And also if Chris Anu loses this lawsuit, it will put an injunction on him, and he will NEVER say another word about Ambazonia again.. If he does, and continues to incite violence, THEN that becomes a CRIMINAL offence, and he will go to prison.

MKPD you have to understand this point.. that the injunction, is not Just for Chris Anu, but his organisations that he represents, so ABC Show he does online, will be STOPPED, SCBC will be stopped, And the Injunction will also be put on The whole of the IG.

Amba IG sinking ship
Amba IG sinking ship

And I will explain more on my next presentation, on the IG, where I will explain how they are a NGO, a SCAM, and a sinking ship. Stay tuned..

Munyenge Incident – The hidden story revealed by Mark Bareta

Munyenge (Fako) Incident happened on 13 Dec 2018. AmbaBoys attacked another Amba camp, 18 laid dead, their bodies were burnt, the whole attrocity covered up by the IG. The Hidden story revealed by Mark Bareta..Wuna Listen..

Listen to the audio/video above.. As explained by an Angry Mark Bareta in a secret group of “Ambazonia Activists”. Apparently, on 13 December 2018, Opopo, who is the so called “General” of SOCADEF, attacked another Amba camp that belongs to the ASC. 18 Amba boys were killed. To cover their tracks, the bodies were burnt.

Mark Bareta, a self-declared Activist, condemns these atrocities, and chastised the cover up. The IG knew, and said NOTHING. All the so called Activists, Prince J Carr, Eric Tataw, and of-course the IG, including Chris Anu, all knew about this atrocity, and covered it up.

Two days later, The Batibo incident happened, where a group of Amba Boys attacked an ASC camp in Guzang Batibo, killing 6, wounded 10, and kidnapped 4. The IG, and many others accused the ADF of carrying out this attack. This is when many Ambazonians on Facebook started denouncing Ayaba Cho, and the AGC/ADF.


  • ASC = Ambazonia Security Council – Led by the IG, (Sako Ikome et al)
  • AGC = Ambazonia Governing Council – Led by Ayaba Cho.
  • ADF = Ambazonia Defence Forces – Armed group under AGC. Commander-in-Chief is Ayaba Cho. Tapang Ivo Tanku is the spokesperson
  • SOCADEF = Southern Cameroons Defence Forces (Led by Ebenezer Akwanga – “General” Opopo is the “General” of the SOCADEF)
Merry Christmas 2018
I know I said I wanted to rest for a few days.. But we need to know this… Merry Christmas 2018