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The ultimate fight.. Sako vs Sisiku.. Watch below, click the link

This is the fight for Facebook Republic of Ambazonia 😂 #ComedyRevolution

Fake Pastors - Must go back to theor Sunday jobs, Leave Revolution alone
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Seseku dissolves the IG – But IG says NO – This is PURE Comedy

#MKPD – The #Ambazonia #ComedyRevolution keeps on giving us enough entertainment.. So, on 02 May 2019, Seseku wrote a letter, dissolving the “Internet Government” …

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Barrister Nsahlai has Officially Referred Ambazonia IG SCAM to the IRS for investigation, plus the FBI Opens an investigation on Ambazonia thieves in the USA

MKPD> Wuna look at the referral document that was filed by Barrister Nsahlai Emmanual, referring the Amba THIEVES in the diaspora to the IRS …

Face of wickedness - Ambe Fausta Ditah
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Ambe Fausta Ditah – Ambazonia Terrorist sponsor from Abroad #OperationSunshine

Good morning MKPD, name number 3 is called Ambe Fausta Ditah, a graduate from Sacred Heart College Mankon, originate from Ntamafe Mankon. He lives …

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Operation Sunshine on HELENE ANCHI AKONJI – One of the Criminals of “Ambazonia” 419 SCAM called the Interim Government

#MKPD> #OperationSunshine is going strong.   This is HELENE Anchi AKONJI – The woman who ACCEPTED for HER NAME and Address to be used …

Helen Akonji
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8 Amba Terrorist sponsors that MUST be identified and rewarded for sponsoring terror in Cameroon

MKPD> – There are 8 names behing the Ambazonia NGO SCAM, that we still know little about, and we MUST expose and get them …

Amba IG Financial Audit
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Ambazonia IG in freefall after Corruption Scandal erupts

MKPD> The corryption Scandal of the Ambazonia Internet Government is on center stage. Click here to download the full audit. PIC AUDIT 2017-2018 Click on …

Facebook/YouTube Post Below
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Amba vs Amba .. APNC, Lies, etc – There is SERIOUS infighting and Chaos in Ambazonia

#MKPD> Wuna Listen.. There is SERIOUS infighting and Chaos in Ambazonia – Listen to two Amba fools in their WhatsApp group, Get your Pop …

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BREAKING SWEET NEWS > Chris Anu has officially been served by the Court

#MKPD > SUGAR NEWS > Chris Anu has officially been served by the Court > He has until 06 March 2019 to answer – Wuna …

Chris Anu - Lawsuit
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BREAKING SUGAR NEWS> A Lawsuit has been filed against Chris Anu

MKPD> Sugar News.. Diabetes Alert.. Take your insulin.. Because Barrister Nsahlai has officially taken Ambazonia BIG Mouth Chris Anu to court The Case has been …