ADAM ASSANA – The Latest Amba Terrorist Beheading – MUYUKA – 24 Apr 2019

This atrocity happened on 24 Apr 2019. The story goes that the victim, (Adam) and two of his friends drove from Douala, to Kumba, for whatever reason, and the car was stopped, he was recognised as a Gendarmerie, and removed from the car and later killed and dismembered.

ADAM ASSANA - was beheaded by Amba Terrorists on 24 April 2017 - His body was cut into 17 parts and spead on the road in Muyuka
ADAM ASSANA – was beheaded by Amba Terrorists on 24 April 2017 – His body was cut into 17 parts and spead on the road in Muyuka

May his soul rest in Peace, and may his terrorist murderers get hit by 1000 thunder and lighting.

His body was cut into 17 parts and spead on the road in Muyuka.


The Latest Ambazonia terror victim – Pah Allo’s Mechanic

MKPD> On Thursday 18 Apr 2019, Ambazonia Terrorists shot and killed a mechanic.

The incident happened just outside  Pah Allo’s compound, at around 7AM. Pah Allo is the owner of Allo Comprehensive High School.

The victim was taking Pah Allo’s car to the garage when he was shot by the Amba terrorists. It is believed that these terrorists were targeting Pah Allo himself.

There is no doubt that these Ambazonians are Terrorists, and anyone who had any doubts before, we will continue to show you the evidence of their own atrocities.

This is just the latest victim we’re reporting about. Thousands of other victims’ stories go unreported.

Read Tantiyo’s story here

Tatisong Eric is the latest victim of Amba terrorism


Yesterday 17 Apr 2019, Mr Tatisong Eric was attacked by Amba CRIMINALS. They shot him in the head, on the back and his left foot. He was rushed to the Military hospital where 3 pellets were removed from his head, some from his back and his foot.

Me Tatisong was at his business place when Amba Terrorists attacked him.. He is currently recovering at the General Hospital.

It happened around T-junction that a friend in Old Town saw him running with blood all over his body. He stopped him, took him in his car and rushed him to the Military hospital Upstation Bamenda.

The Amba terrorists came to the victim’s place, just two terrorists. They came looking for someone to kidnap for ransom as the Amba boys are dying of starvation in the forests.

The Amba terrorists asked the victim to climb on their (Okada) bike. The Man was wise. He refused, and the one with the (Chaa voom dane) gun shot him on his right foot. He grabbed the guy and in the ensuing struggle, the gun fell on the ground.

Instead of people who were around to step in and help the victim, These cowards instead were all trying to run away. The other terrorist picked up the gun and shot Eric in the head and in the back. That’s when Eric loosened his grip on the one with whom he was struggling and started running towards T-junction with blood all over him.

The truth is that this man is LUCKY to be alive, and he made the RIGHT decision to FIGHT back. If he did not fight back, he would have been taken to the forest, tortured, and his family would have been forced to pay millions of FRS CFA in ransom. This is how the CRIMINAL Amba terrorists fund their activities, by inflicting untold PAIN on the innocent civilians.

The saddest thing is that some of the victims of this terrorism today, ARE the same people that were supporting these hardened CRIMINALS in 2017.

We MUST eradicate these terrorists from our forests.

Tantiyo – The latest Ambazonia victim

#MKPD> By now, you’ve probably seen the HORIFIC video  (below) of Ambazonia fighters (Amba Boys) torturing a Mbororo herder in NW region of Cameroon. The video went viral yesterday 16 April 2019.

The Cameroon authorities have officially declared that these Amba Boys are terrorist groups. When you watch the video clip in question, the torture video, you will understand that the Cameroon government has every right to say these barbarians are terrorists.

The victim’s name is TANTIYO, son of ALHAJI ISA and KORGA. Amba terrorists abducted him, his mother & his father and one other woman. They freed the other woman after severe torture.

Tantiyo’s father was tortured and released. As a result of the severe torture, the old man is disabled, and cannot even move his fingers.

The Amba terrorists also tortured the 69 year old Korga to death. Korga is the mother of Tantiy. The Amba terrorists even refused to hand over her corpse to the family.

The terrorists promised to burn the old woman’s corps, and film it to revenge military. However – this poor Mbororo family have no ties to the military whatsoever, and no ties with the Francophones, (who are supposedly the enemies of the Amba terrorists).

TANTIYO is believed to have also been tortured to death as he is not contactable by his family. The majority of the Amba terrorists are from Nso and have established camps in Bamti, Din and nearby areas. The area from Banten towards Kinkum, Chah and Djottin are mountainous with steep cliffs.

Amba terrorist militias hide in those places, and dishing out atrocities to the innocent population, terrorising the civilians. For any flimsy excuse, they can attack and kill anyone within their reach.

This is the Ambazonia experiment.

EXCLUSIVE! Ambazonian Terrorists torture a man until the victim begged for death

#MKPD> I am speechless – WATCH and LISTEN for yourself.

These are the same people who say they are fighting for you.


Ambazonia ADF casualties continue to mount – The NW Region was red with ADF blood in the past 3 days


Just watch and listen to this video, as narrated by an Ambazonian informant in their WhatsApp group. Explaining how an explosive device killed some ADF boys and injured others in Batibo..

This bad news comes after the ADF camp in Mbeme was destroyed by the Cameroon military yesterday, and two Amba boys killed, and their dane guns seized by the military.

Also, the Amba camp at Bali (Julius Titakung, aka Koraman) was attacked, and several Amba boys were killed, and some injured.   



An Interview with Amba Boy – Please Watch and Listen – Very interesting

MKPD> Watch and listen this 3 part Interview with an AmbaBoy – He surrendered to the Cameroon Military, and he is now working with the Military to locate the Amba Camps. 

This Amba Fighter has had enough. He explains that when he was forced to join Amba, he didnt know what he was getting himself into.. He was cook in one of the Camps. It is a really Sad story. These are the kind of VULNERABLE young men that are manipulated to carry guns and destroy their own communities.

The people in the diaspora like Mark Bareta, Tapang PizzaBoy Ivo, and Eric “Garri Master” Tataw, Akwanga, Ayaba Cho, Chris Anu, etc, are responsible for brainwashing these kind of poorly educated youths to carry guns and kill their own neighbours.

Where were these nonentities before 2017 Amba madness started? Where did these names come from? These professional theives saw an opportunity, and they took it. The opportunity to radicalise gullible and poorly educated youths and send them to their death.

Thankfully, this madness is coming to an end. I have personally spoken with several Amba boys and helped them to drop their guns and save their lives. Many Amba boys have escaped into Nigeria; some have gone as far as South Africa and Togo. They have realised that they were manipulated and deceived by charlatans and criminals in the diaspora, who are using their blood to make money and pay their mortgages in the USA, etc.. 

The moral of this story is that.. FINALLY, the Amba boys are beginning to learn sense, because they are seeing the reality for themselves, and they can now see their own mistakes, and that there is no independence coming, and that they were LIED to, by criminals who live happy abroad.

The persistence of activists (like MKPD and Franklin Njume) to sensitise the general public is working. Kawa Yannick in SW has also dropped his guns, and moved in with the Cameroon military, and now he is leading the military in attacks against the Amba Boys. Kawa Yannick was an Amba “Commander” just last week. 

Sooner or Later, the madness will END! And I have every confidence that come September 2019, children will be able to return to school again. 


Reports blame Garri Master for the kidnapping and beheading of Ali Pima in Kumba

Operation Sunshine is going strong 💪🏾.

Some people are telling us that garri master is the one who ordered Amba terrorists in Kumba to behead Ali Pima, in a desperate move to combat the losing they have endured in the past few weeks.

The Buea Mountain Race was a big defeat for Ambazonia Terrorists.

The women’s day was another huge defeat.

#OperationSunshine has almost killed them completely, as we released the financial Audit report and also released the names of some of those contributing money to kill people in Cameroon.

We are also hearing from reliable sources that Garri Master asked the Amba terrorists to collect ransom, money which will be wired back to America for this their “National AK campaign”

Below is a picture of Ali, a popular resident of Kumba. They took him yesterday and a sum of 500,000frs was collected. They further called that they demanded 600,000frs. ALI cried over the phone that any of his property be sold if not they will kill him. The 600,000frs was sent and they promised to release him by 1pm.

Latee, the terrorists called and indicated where his head was dropped.

These Amba terrorists had contacted Ali on several occasions to join them because they knew his potentials.

His marriage a week ago was in grand style.

Ali was kidnapped by Amba terrorists from his tailoring workshop on Saturday 09 March 2019, at about 4pm.

May his soul rest in peace.

Amba Terrorist Apprehended by the Community

MKPD> Amba Terrorist Apprehended by the Community.

I have warned you about the CRITICAL MASS – When these fools will cause the general public to fight back – The time is HERE and NOW.. We MUST fight back and destroy the Terrorist groups marauding in our forests in NW & SW Regions of Cameroon.

We must work together to GET THEM ALL!